Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Target- Vocabulary of the medium

Today we begin to build our available vocabulary for your future review.  It is important that you select the medium for your review (musicfilmtelevisionfoodvideo gamesbooks, etc.) so we can begin the process of drafting.  The preliminary step is to build our vocabulary that is specific to the target of our review.  So we need to read several reviews and prune the language specific to this medium.

A) Select your target.  (Film,Album,Show,Restaurant,Tech, Video Game, Books, etc)
B) Peruse critics from established professional publications. Select one critic that you enjoy and pick a range of their reviews from positive, negative, to "meh".
C) Create a Google doc (do not need to share with me) and copy and paste no less than 4 lengthy reviews reflecting a range of ratings.
D) Now begin to read reviews and copy the vocabulary unique to the  target (cacophony, wide angle, etc) into the Review Vocabulary notes in Classroom.  Tuck away words that will help you show fluency in the medium.  Remember how we highlighted red for ethos?  Orange for tilted language?  Pull out these words and your future self will be most thankful when you are drafting your review.  (Here is a big pile of music vocab note tilting for positive or negative)
E) Of course, observe the structure of the review.  Think about how the writer opened the review.  How were the areas of critique organized?  What were the comparisons?

I have linked for you several quality professional reviewers below.  So what is your medium of choice for a review?  musicfilmtelevisionfoodvideo gamesbookstheater, etc.

Here are some of my favorite reviewers of Film/TV
A.O. Scott       Manohla Dargis       Peter Travers  (Rolling Stone)

Roger Ebert- Suntimes          AV Club                      
TV-Andy Greenwald ( Grantland)

 MusicRolling Stone (Brief)               Paste               Pitchfork             AV Club                              Steven Hyden (Grantland)

TechnologyRecode   Wired

AV Club has sharp reviews as well...MoviesMusicTVBooks,

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