Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Enjoy the Silence

You will be busy today:

  • Briefly share your connections from your Style/ Characterization/ Theme within your groups.
  • Now using your Snagit screencapture, I want you to thread the connections so I can hear how you recognize the patterns of your choices.  Hopefully you did not sling whatever first caught your eye and you indeed cultivated appropriate evidence that reveals patterns.  This will be obvious in your verbal defense in the screen capture discussion.  This is a casual discussion of your observations.  I am the only person who will hear it and if you want to post three separate videos instead of ones longer one, no worries.  What I want to hear is solid connection among the passages.  Finish by SUNDAY by posting the link(s) to question on Classroom.  
  • Annotate the Emerson excerpt from Self Reliance (via Classroom)

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