Thursday, January 29, 2015

More great Frontline docs from Douglas Rushkoff

Without a doubt, the Rushkoff's Frontline docs are some of my favorite resources to share with students as a way to peek behind the curtain of media influence.
Generation Like               Digital Nation      The Persuaders            Merchants of Cool

For Monday:  Critique of Generation Like- We finished the documentary and discussed its implications; now I want to read your position on any of the issues raised by the film.

  • 2 Paragraphs
  • Work in no less than two stems from "Index of Templates"

Example starter ideas.:
It is difficult to accept marketers definition of "empowerment" as presented as anything less than self serving to their needs of consumer compliance.

While our every move of our digital persona is being tracked and monetized, perhaps this is the cost for the content that is essential free to us.

Well said!

DANAH BOYD, Ph.D., Author, It’s Complicated: Young people want attention. They want validation. And that’s actually not new. It’s just that now the possible stage on which you can operate on is much bigger. At the same time, the ability to get attention in a place where there’s tons of information, when there are tons of people competing for attention, is also harder.
When your business depends on the number of clicks, the number of page views, the number of ad impressions, what you really need from people is their attention—

DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: So Tyler has millions of likes in his pocket, which he can trade to brands in exchange for their sponsorship. Has Tyler won the game of likes? And is this really social media’s promise of self-determination, promoting movies in exchange for virtual prizes, playing the class clown in public to get free skateboard gear, expressing your identity through junk food advertisements?
Can kids really win when they don’t make the rules? Maybe that’s why some of them are opting to become the game makers themselves.
DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF: It’s the paradox of generation like. These kids are empowered to express themselves as never before, but with tools that are embedded with values of their own.

TED Talk of the man behind Uptown Funk:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Cost of Trolls?

As we review the Room for Debate opinions, now it is time to articulate our response.
You already have your introduction so now I want you to draft two support paragraphs while intentionally including an example from the "Index of Templates" handout from Monday..  Look at this sample:

We lose sight of the benefits of anonymity in the safety of our functioning democracy and free speech.  Be it griping about our elected officials or standing in support of a controversial policy, we face no political repercussions when using our real identities on-line.   (----) However, it is essential to not lose sight of when Source B warns that prohibitions on anonymity “would chill a vibrant democracy.”  Source B reminds us that anonymity allows for “whistle blowing or to speak truth to power.”  No one can deny how helpful anonymity was for the millions of Egyptians organizing via FB and Twitter against Mubarak during their Arab Spring revolution.  Although I grant that anonymity can cause suffering in particular situations, I still maintain that it can be an essential weapon implemented to take down corrupt governments and foster freedom.

Embedded voice marker + Concession while holding ground-

Link for Google Slide presentation

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Build an Argument- The curious case of Connecticut vs. Cassandra C

HW: After reading You Must be this Old to Die, write a response to this question:  Is the State of Connecticut within its rights to force treatment upon Cassandra?  

POTUS gets colloquial ...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Confidential File: Rhetorical Analysis of Cultural Propagnada

  1. Jump into the MBC chat room and break this down.
  2. Post- screening- With a partner- add 2 slides of analysis to the shared slide:                       Period 2     Period 3  Period 7/8                                                                                             Remember the restate the obvious intent of these film makers and what we know about the era and the targets of this persuasion.  
  3. Use the Print-Screen + Paste, use arrows, (most importantly- initial your slide with names in the corner.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

IRP Semester 2 List Preview

This appears to be the list...Choose wisely.  More details to come but the earlier you get your book and start reading, the less pressure you will feel later on when we begin our research and analysis.
Libraries are free but supply moves quickly.  You can buy used for $.01 +S/H
 of course.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Rhetorical Analysis Prep- Malala Yousafzai's Nobel Prize speech

For Monday:
Rhetorical analysis- Introduction-2 support paragraphs of Malala's strategy

It is essential that you do not lose form.  Remember all the components required for a thorough rhetorical analyis:

  • Introduction- Must establish the context of the speech, speaker wants and the obvious bridge of appeals built towards audience.  Here is Malala's story.
  • Support paragraphs- Narrowly identify a particular strategy of persuasion, include direct textual evidence, explain why it would be effective on this particular audience.  

The text of Malala Yousafzai’s speech at the United Nations

For comparison---Here is her Nobel Prize speech.

The text of Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize speech