Friday, February 26, 2016

Keynote Analysis from 2012 Conventions

Homework:  Keep reading your IRP.  Begin to draft your Hot Air political speech due this Thursday.

Wordle of Christie 2012 RNC Keynote
Analysis experiment-
Let's see how well you can tackle a politician's rhetoric in real-time.   Now decide which speech you will watch/ listen (Castro or Christie) on the Chromebook.  As you listen to the speech, you will place comments on the speech that unpack the various rhetorical strategies at play.  This means both of you have the same document open and comment on it.  You can stop the audio/video at any point if you need to catch your thoughts.
For example: "Speaker X attacks the economic policy of Candidate Y because ...." or "A weakness of Candidate X is....this is why it is targeted."

Focus all of your commentary energy on what emotions/ideas that the speaker is attempting to evoke or plant in the minds of the audience.

  Aim for a minimum of 20 comments in your doc.

Transcripts of Speeches for Analysis are already available to you in Classroom.

Audio/Video of Castro via NPR or video via NYT
Audio/Video of Christie via NPR or video via NYT
Wordle of Castro 2012 DNC Keynote

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Photobomb 2016 Election

Photobombs- Through political photography, find examples of how the candidate is targeting specific political themes (5) (job creation, education, security, etc). You must also comment on the visual strategies that help persuade for the candidate (camera angle, lighting, positioning, obvious "photoshopping".

The White House Flickr Stream and The Official White House page

Who is running?

D- Hillary Clinton            Bernie Sanders

R- Jeb!             Ben Carson     Chris Christie       Ted Cruz      Carly Fiorina     John Kasich

     Marco Rubio           Donald Trump 

For  Thursday- 2.  Persuaders -Remember that the basic qualities of product advertising are at play with politics.  The difference is that you a spending a vote rather than money.  The candidates are products so let's see how they sell themselves.  Just as you found evidence yesterday of appeals towards a specific target voter, let's dig deeper to find how the methods of persuasion are layered in the official web sites of the candidates.  Find the evidence of the following:

A)3 "Basic Appeals"
B) 3 VALS techniques
C) 3 Example how the candidates attempting to build community around themselves (3)

After you paste your evidence, draw an arrow on the photo and provide a brief explanation of how the technique is used by the candidate for a particular effect.  I will be most impressed by successful identification of the DRAB!  .

From The Daily Bail

Can you find a real ad that resembles this satire?  Send to me me so I can post it!  Get that E.C.!


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rhetorical Triangle...of Love 2016!

With so much talk about war and politics, it appears we are leaving out what else "all's fair in..." (sounds better in my head). Friday is the day before our favorite Hallmark Holiday after all!
So here is the challenge:
  • Embed an appropriate clip from a film when the Lover A attempts to win back the affection of Lover B.  
  • You walk us through the context (audience/exigence) appeals and devices.  Summarize their relationship prior to this scene.  Any new terms from basic appeals that may apply?  Remember that this metaphor is usually best described as lock & key.  Why is the door locked?  Why do these particular words pick the lock?  
  • Create Slide presentation via Google Drive

These are some ideas from last year but feel free to use one of your own from any film or tv series....If you want one of these, claim it so we have no redundancy.  

Kendra- 17 Again

Katie S- Notebook
Amanda D- Pretty Woman
Shruti N- Ross & Rachael Friends