Monday, February 25, 2013

Great Reads Returns- Week of February 24

Royal Bodies- Long read but brillaint perspective of the monarchy.
Interesting use of animation for gun debate
Best Marriage Proposal
When you swallow a grenade-For the bio students...Awesome read from one of my favorite science writers
A dispatch from a Bullfight in Mexico City-
I was prepared for violent death when I arrived at Plaza México, and violent death was what I got. The first bull was small and puppy-like; he hardly seemed vicious. After a series of hypnotic dodges and maneuvers that were so elegant as to not even look dangerous, El Juli failed on the initial thrust of his sword. The steel blade clanked down to the dirt. Only on the third thrust was the sword (called an estocada) successfully inserted. The matador rolled his eyes, thinking finally, and went to retrieve his hat from where he had ceremoniously placed it in the center of the ring. The bull seemed suddenly aware that not only was he doomed, but that he had been duped, publicly humiliated. He bucked briefly and desperately, then he fell for a final time. The trumpets played a funereal dirge. I have never been to war, but bullfighting as an approximation for it only makes sense to me in that both activities are draped in flags and often based on antiquated ideas.
Solid Breakdown of our newest meme...
People are awesome-

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Start Presentations for 3rd Quarter

Here we go again...this time you can team up with a partner to break down some rhetoric from a famous film.  Get started by clicking on American Rhetoic Movie Speeches.  This is a first come/ first serve list for films so there can not be any redundancy in our presentations.  The list begins now...tell me or the sub your selection before you get too far into the analysis.  Break it down for us.  Create a brief Power Point that covers the following rhetorical elements.
  1. Slide 1-Explain what we know about the speaker and their motive(s).  What do they want from the audience?
  2. Slide 2-Who is the audience?  What do they value?  Why might they be reluctant to move upon request of speaker?  or why might they be excited or intrigued?  Think back to the list of appeals
  3. Slide 3-Explicitly lay out the strategy of the speaker.  What must they do to "unlock" the audience?  Establish at least three unique strategies at play in this speech.
  4. Slide 4 +  What are the rhetorical techniques in the speech?  How did this technique amplify the effect?
  5. Slide- 6?  One perfect paragraph to model how you would write this in the rhetorical analysis essay
  6. Optional-For the ambitious...Create a Wordle of the text.  (Javascript iffy on school lab)If you see any patterns of diction/connotation, include it in the presentation as well.
  7. Save the presentation in Class Group Projects>AP Language Turnbaugh>Film Rhetoric> Period # or save as a Google Presentation so you can work on it from anywhere.  Prezi...only if you are awesome or cause us all to get motion sickness...
  8. Don't worry about the sample being too short.  You are just walking us through an analysis at the start of the period.  This will sharpen the blade of analysis.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rough Draft...Done...and memes

                                                       Recycled from last year...

Fujiya and Miyagi-Collarbone