Monday, December 16, 2013

TTC- Take home FRQ

Mr. Pickles Turnbaugh
               Best Dog Ever...
Here is the prompt:
1)  You have 2 days to finish.  So revise and strategerize (can't resist).  
2)  Remember to consider your options with evidence.  Do not draw exclusively from TTC.
3)  Typed or handwritten.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Off to N. Carolina- Here are your plans for Wednesday

Here we go again...this time you can team up with a partner (as in one other carbon based life form) to break down some rhetoric from a famous film.  Get started by clicking on American Rhetoric Movie Speeches.  This is a first come/ first serve list for films so there can not be any redundancy in our presentations.  The list begins now...tell Mr. Magnuson your selection before you get too far into the analysis.  You may not use any war speeches...We got that covered.  Break it down for us.  Create a brief Power Point that covers the following rhetorical elements.
  1. Slide 1-Explain what we know about the speaker and their motive(s).  What do they want from the audience?
  2. Slide 2-Who is the audience?  What do they value?  Why might they be reluctant to move upon request of speaker?  or why might they be excited or intrigued?  Think back to the list of appeals
  3. Slide 3-Explicitly lay out the strategy of the speaker.  What must they do to "unlock" the audience?  Establish at least three unique strategies at play in this speech.
  4. Slide 4 +  What are the rhetorical devices in the speech?  How did this device amplify the strategy?
  5. Slide- 6?  One perfect paragraph to model how you would write this in the rhetorical analysis essay
  6. Optional-For the ambitious...Create a Wordle of the text.  (Javascript iffy on school lab)If you see any patterns of diction/connotation, include it in the presentation as well.
  7. Save the presentation in Class Group Projects>AP Language Turnbaugh>Film Rhetoric> Period # or save as a Google Presentation so you can work on it from anywhere.  Prezi...only if you are awesome or cause us all to get motion sickness...
  8. Don't worry about the sample being too short.  You are just walking us through an analysis at the start of the period.  This will sharpen the blade of analysis.
Homework for Friday:
Read "The Ghost Soldiers" for Friday.  As you read, several previously discussed themes return.  What are they?  This is really easy to spot on so many fronts in this chapter!
Write:  Discuss a specific theme that reveals itself in "The Ghost Soldiers" and where it can be traced previously in the book.  As always, draw in textual evidence for the the chapters you select.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Speaking of Courage- A synthesis of a soldier's burden

Assignment for 12-4-2013-

Yesterday you attempted finish the following statements.  These will serve as a start to a future thesis statement for practice synthesis essay.  Right now we are reworking the idea each time we read/ listen to a new source.
1.  Finish this statement.  It will/ should change as you work your way through these sources.

The ________ of war is(better verb) ________.
The ________on/ of a soldier is(better verb)_______.

Open this Google Doc for notes(may prompt you for Google ID).  You should be able to make a copy (select File- Make Copy- and it will be in your Drive) and save this into your own folder.  It is clear that we are looking for connections from the experiences of the soldiers as the grapple with war.  The notes are meant to pull out very specific observations, not rushed or superficial  (they feel guilty...).  Finish what you can in class and continue from home.  You must bring in these notes tomorrow so either print before you leave today or print at home.  I will not accept the #outofink or #printerbusted excuse.

  1. Bring in this note sheet completed as you will need it as a source for our practice synthesis essay.
  2. Read In The Field, Good Form, and Field Trip

For further reading-
Why veterans miss war TED Talk- Sebastian Junger
New York Times- Home Fires series
A Soldier's Heart- Frontline Documentary
I am Sorry it has Come to This
The War Works Hard- by Dunya Mikhail (Read along in War poetry packet)