Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween- Hitchcock's Bang! You're Dead.

 From Dish's Mass Concentration
But ultimately, Hitchcock was the runaway “favorite”: a full 65 percent of the study’s cerebral cortices lit up the same way in response to the clip from “Bang! You’re Dead.”
           Hasson’s conclusion was fascinating:

[T]he more “controlling” the director—the more structured the film—the more attentive the audience. “In real life, you’re watching in the park, a concert on Sunday morning,” Hasson tells me. “But in a movie, a director is controlling where you are looking. Hitchcock is the master of this. He will control everything: what you think, what you expect, where you are looking, what you are feeling. And you can see this in the brain. For the director who is controlling nothing, the level of variability is very clear because each person is looking at something different. For Hitchcock, the opposite is true: viewers tend to be all tuned in together.”
Period 1 Voting 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monday, October 14, 2013

Cool Reads of the Week-10-14-2013

Best Youtube channel for fresh live performances KEXP

The air smells faintly of salt water, and strongly of bonfires, diesel fuel, and weed. Seagulls squawk, the sky on the horizon is just turning green, and the air is cold in that prankish West Coast way that’s impossible to take seriously and pointless to dress for. Once the sun comes up and the fog burns off, it’s going to be a perfect day.It’s 6 AM, high tide, and I’m a thirty-minute, eucalyptus-dense drive south of San Francisco in Princeton-by-the-Sea, a tiny village with some of the biggest waves in the world and not much else. Shadowy figures are perched in the beds of pickup trucks; they speak in low voices and occasionally take sips of coffee. I’m sitting on the ground in the near dark, waiting for a surf contest to begin.An unusually steep, unusually deep Pliocene-epoch sedimentary reef rises half a mile offshore. This is where Mavericks breaks, where from November to March waves can top out at 100 feet, making them roughly ten times the height of what most surfers would consider “big.” Sharks are common, as are riptides and exposed rocks. Accomplished big-wave surfers — famous ones — have died here. 
As requested by Bailey- Evidence of Anderson's theory of innovation from last week's TED discussion.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Franco Voting for Thursday- Non- Fiction book selection

Best political trolling ever...

For Thursday October 10, 2013
1.  On your for the Franco round of student descriptive writing.
Period 1
Period 2
Period 9

2.  After you finish, follow the embedded presentation below.  I want you to explore the Goodreads links below and read some of the reviews of the books that appear interesting to you.  This is an important space of time for you today to research possible texts as you will be spending many hours reading and writing about this book.  Remember that these books are in our LRC and available at your local library (use inter-library loan too).  You are not required to read a book from this list but if you choose a book not on the list I will need to give it a thumbs up.  There is no need to pick immediately but there are some books that get snapped up quickly.  Find samples of the books and read enough so you can get a sense of the author's style.

3.  Friday we will have a brief book talk about the books you explored on Goodreads.  I want you write a brief description of the top two books that caught your eye today.  What is so engaging or important about this non-fiction topic?  What appears to be consensus about this book as you read through the reviews?  You will share this with your group so as to expand possible topics.  Let's be clear...this is an assignment for tomorrow.

4.  Your second Edge response is due next Thursday.   If you finish early, please feel free to begin editing in Google docs your 2nd Edge response.  As before, our first edit focused upon the structural strategy.  Check your notes from last week for ideas.

Quick Calendar for next week:

Tuesday- Draft of Edge Response- focus on paragraph function/effect
Wednesday- Nabokov Journal reading and response
Thursday- Edge Response Final (float into shared folder- Title Edge 2)
Friday- Independent book selection + work cited (4 sources) with selection explanation

Book Selection for Independent Reading #1- Noodle Tools

List #1
List #2
List #3 (New to the LRC this year)