Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Real Cost of Trolls?

As we review the Room for Debate opinions, now it is time to articulate our response.
You already have your introduction so now I want you to draft two support paragraphs while intentionally including an example from the "Index of Templates" handout from Monday..  Look at this sample:

We lose sight of the benefits of anonymity in the safety of our functioning democracy and free speech.  Be it griping about our elected officials or standing in support of a controversial policy, we face no political repercussions when using our real identities on-line.   (----) However, it is essential to not lose sight of when Source B warns that prohibitions on anonymity “would chill a vibrant democracy.”  Source B reminds us that anonymity allows for “whistle blowing or to speak truth to power.”  No one can deny how helpful anonymity was for the millions of Egyptians organizing via FB and Twitter against Mubarak during their Arab Spring revolution.  Although I grant that anonymity can cause suffering in particular situations, I still maintain that it can be an essential weapon implemented to take down corrupt governments and foster freedom.

Embedded voice marker + Concession while holding ground-

Link for Google Slide presentation

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