Friday, September 11, 2015

Franco Votes and Snagit Prep

 James Franco vote for 5/6    10th

For Monday:

  • Add Snagit
  • Use this link of solid visual leads...pick a photo/map/political cartoon/Star Wars Meme or data set and explain it via the Snagit screen capture.  This is just an experiment so do not take more than a minute in your interpretation of the visual.  Post the link to the video in comment (no one will listen to yours).
  • Via shared Slide with you...
 Type or attach three passages from each Style-what appears to be a pattern unique to Krakauer's style as a writer?-(3)/Theme(3)-Which theme jumped out at you and how did Krakaeur express it throughout the book? (3) /Characterization-What are the most distinguished passages that reveal Chris's persona?(3). The selection of your evidence must not be random as the collection should reveal trends that will evoke commentary. Don't forget why you selected these passages in the first place. Include page number and use passages from throughout the book. You do not need to jam all three passages on a single slide. You can erase the passage I included in the sample. No commentary needed at this point.

The power of illusion with word choice...Artisan...

Why not?  Artisinal $190 rock anyone?

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