Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Round 2-Participial +Appositve

Period 5/6-
Gradual and heavy, it approached. The concept of death disturbingly danced around her mind for the first time. Hesitantly she retreated, desperately grasping on to her last seconds of humanity. It had found the girl. She saw it for the first time, death was so close she could taste it. It tasted bitter, yet strangely sweet. She refused it at first, but accepted the resting tone. As she fell to the accepting warmth of the ground, her misguided hope reached for a shred of light. But she was already consumed, held tight in the grasping veil of darkness. Maximus

T-Bizz Award
Pierced with fright and the sharp, cutting nails of her kidnapper, the woman shrieked once more for help. Her tears uniting with the blood on her torn lips, she heard her scream simply echo into the darkness--no one was here but herself and the nightmare she used to admire. She sank to the floor as slow as he pronounced the word "b****", and let her nails scrape the cold wall, the only thing keeping her stable. She was solely shaking now, questioning how her brother could ever break her like this. Vania (you're killing me)

Period 10 Winners (Look at 5/6...Just saying...)

Shrieking in fear for her life, she fell slowly into an unholy abyss. P Dubs
Desperately reaching her hand out, pleading for someone to help, she slowly gave up and was drawn into the darkness. R Bears

Round 2- James Franco (Participial + Appositive)
For today's round I want you to describe this scene but use the both the participial and appositive. 2-4 sentences will be sufficient. Remember you are describing the character, not James Franco, the actor.

Rowling Notes for the Order of the Phoenix

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