Wednesday, September 2, 2015

De Musset revisited

Now that we have a better grip on the format and style choices of the Q3 essay, let's go back and rework the de Musset prompt from summer reading.

"How glorious it is, but how painful it is also, to be exceptional in this world!" (in La Merle Blanc, 1842)   -Alfred de Musset

In a well-written essay, develop your position on the meaning of de Musset thought on exceptionalism. Use appropriate evidence from your reading of Into the Wild, experience, or observations to support your argument.

For Thursday:

  • Bring your reworked outline.  Remember you want to draw from and ultimately connect or contast your evidence against the prompt.  (sports/anecdotal/literature/history/current events/psychology/sciences/music/ etc) 
During in-class essay

  • Attack this prompt as we have the past three (Horace/Phillips/ Sontag) Draft an introduction to address the prompt-Remember the expectation now is that your syntax/ diction are to be as carefully cultivated as your structure.  So once you commit to your stance (support,refute, or qualify), begin the process of the sentence level craft.  
  • Consider: parallel structure, rhetorical question, sentence spice, adverbial conjunction, and qualifiers (more easily, not merely, and not, say,,if at all, apparently,)
  • Take the full class period.  I will be grading your introduction (gasp), commenting on your best evidence (not graded-*what you feel is your best support paragraph), and giving you a AP score (not counting, don't freak if it is not above a 5 at this point)
  • If you were gone yesterday, review the range of student responses from the Sontag prompt(link above).  Get your copy of the de Musset summer reading prompt and your Adam Phillips response.  Begin to outline the de Musset prompt as if you were preparing for the Q3 (the types of essays we have studied these past two weeks).  Have that ready for tomorrow.

Good news for tomorrow- The RETURN OF FILM FRIDAY!!! YES!

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