Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Q3- Intro Practice

Grammies- 5/6   10

Adverbial Conjunction  and some sentence spice!
Let's review this prompt from 2001(scroll to page 4).  These are hefty thoughts about the role of photography in our current cultural mix; however, the good news is that there is no shortage of evidence to discuss the prompt.
Student sample of q3

For Wednesday:

  • Create an outline for the prompt
  • Draft an introduction to address the prompt-Remember the expectation now is that your syntax/ diction are to be as carefully cultivated as your structure.  So once you commit to your stance (support,refute, or qualify), begin the process of the sentence level craft.  
  • Consider: parallel structure, rhetorical question, sentence spice, adverbial conjunction, and qualifiers (more easily, not merely, and not, say,,if at all, apparently,)
  • Look to the sentences from Long Form essays for ideas/inspiration.

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