Friday, September 18, 2015

Prompt Spotting...

For Monday-

  1. Create the Snagit screen capture video of your ITW passages.  Remember this is a casual conversation of you linking the patterns of your evidence.  This should not take longer than 15 minutes.  Post Snagit link(s) to Classroom question-only I can see it.
  2. Post the most prompt-worthy quote or passage from any of our readings.  This may be the prompt you choose to defend/challenge/ or qualify for the essay on Wednesday.  Post this... 5/6 and 10
  3. If you choose to start collecting ideas/evidence...use the ITW Notes posted via Classroom.  

Listen to this fascinating story from Radiolab as a connection to Harris essay.

These opening paragraphs to the LA Times feature on refugees...
The gray rubber dinghy that carries Huda Malak, pregnant with her first child, sags to sea level as it approaches Lesbos. The overloaded raft has been taking on water since it launched from a crag off the Turkish shore, about six miles away.
The 18 Syrians on board desperately try to bail water from the sinking craft. Weight, they need to shed weight. They start jettisoning backpacks that hold most everything they still own. A trip that should have taken 45 minutes has lasted double that, and they are still a mile from the Greek island.
Suddenly, Malak’s husband, Tarek Sheikh, stands up.
“I’m doing this to save you, our child, and everyone on board,” Sheikh tells her.
Then he jumps overboard.
His weight makes the difference, and the raft chugs toward land as Malak looks back to where her husband disappeared into the Aegean.

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