Thursday, February 5, 2015

Phase One IRP-Posts on MBC

I am encouraged to see many of you reading your IRP book with genuine interest.  One goal of this project is that you engage a relevant non-fiction text and begin the process of critical thinking of the book's central issues and improve your close evaluation of the style of the author.  As you continue to read your book, we want to foster an academic/ intellectual discussion of your book on MBC.  There will be five discussion topics per book (three posted now).  You will post in all five and we hope to see you tease out discussions beyond your post.  The first three discussion boards are simply tied to a particular section of the book.  Directions follow:
Here is your space to discuss the events of this part of the book. What shocked you? Confused you? Disappointed you? Inspired you? Are you making any bigger connections to ideas beyond the book? Post an original comment or feel free to engage in a discussion with your book partners. Remember that your posts must include direct evidence from the book and provide a patient/thoughtful explanation of this observation
So what might a quality post resemble?


I was enthralled by by Cain's description of the persuasion and atmosphere of the Unleash the Power Within Conference.  Be it the added value merchandise, enrichment materials, or seating arrangements, every aspect of the event was designed to maximize a sales opportunity.  Cain openly wondered, "I can't help but wonder why none of the other UPWers seem to mind, or even notice these upselling techniques."(41)  After all, these are consenting adults at this event and they no doubt have option of simply not participating in such "upselling."  The net takeaway for the majority of these participants may be positive and "life altering"; however, I can't shake the feeling such "upselling" during an emotionally unhinged moment (even though positive) is blatantly manipulative.  Yes, this conference provides positive outcomes for its participants (real or illusory) but it sure looks like heart and pockets are getting picked.

  • genuine personal reaction (positive or negative)
  • textual evidence
  • patient discussion that elaborates observation/ concern
  • could serve as starter for discussion.

 Post #1- Wednesday February 11th
 Post#2- Thursday February 19th
Post #3- TBA
Post #4-TBA
Post #5-TBA
Follow up posts/response are on-going.  

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