Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Things They Carried Military Vocab

Military Acronyms
AO- Administration Officer
RRVN- Army of the Republic of South Vietnam
AWOL-Absent without leave
CID – Criminal Investigation Unit
CO – Commanding Officer
DZ – Demilitarizes Zone (either side of the 17th parallel)
 KIA – Killed In Action
LT - Lieutenant
LZ – Landing Zone
MP – Military Police
NCO – Non-commissioned Officer
NVA – North Vietnamese Army
PFC – Private First Class
RF – Reserve Force
R&R – Rest and Recuperation
RTO – Radio/Telecommunication Officer
SOP – Standard Operation Procedure
VC - Vietcong

USO – United Service Organization

The Things They Carried
Misc. Terms
Boonies – rural country or jungle
Claymores – explosive mines activated by a remote
Dustoff – helicopter lift off or evacuation
Green Berets – elite US Special Forces nicknamed by their dress
Napalm – soap of fatty acids that, when mixed with gasoline, makes a jelly used in bombs and flam-throwers
Platoon – a subdivision of a company of troops, two or more squads or sections commanded by a lieutenant
Vietcong – Vietnamese belonging to the (communist) National Liberation Front of South Vietnam

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