Friday, November 14, 2014

Should we ban...?

Using Singer as your model, write your own brief 1 page editorial calling for the banning of _____.  Of course it will be polemic but that is what will make this fun to write.   Consider this a pre-draft to prime your mind for your editorial you write at the conclusion of the IRP.  Check out the Room for Debate series by the NY Times for ideas.


  • 1+-page minimum
  • Introduction-creative
  • Counter-argument ( Some argue...)
  • Use of logos (legitimate source- ex. Singer cites FDA study/ Proctor- Stanford Science historian)) 
  • Parallel structure 
Here are some possible ideas:
*Photoshopped photos in advertising
* Too many standardized tests
* Homework
* Unlimited political donations
*Teaching evolution/intelligent design
*Fracking-Keystone XXL
* Drone attacks
* Repeal ban on perfomance enhancing drugs (PED) in sport
* BCS playoffs

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