Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apprentice Writing + Reflection IRP 2014

Apprentice Writing + Reflection

So far you have successfully analyzed five editorials of a professional writer through the prism of rhetorical strategies.  Let’s take off the kid gloves and make our own editorial argument.  Here are the requirements for the Apprentice Work page:
  1. Argument can be of any topic you choose.  However, in the spirit of your writer, it should model their argument style (ceremonial, forensic, or deliberative).
  2. Word Count- 400-600
  3. Implement two distinct rhetorical moves from your writer.  Just as we used a “copy cat” style from our critics, try out the moves you studied so closely this past month. Highlight this in the text so that I can pick it out easier.
  4. Have a target audience in mind so as to create the language and appeals to bridge your message to them most effectively. Think back to the numerous models over the past 3 weeks.
  5. Post in the Apprentice Work tab on your editorial Sites page.
  6. You are expected to bring the same level of sentence variety and attention to diction as was reflected in your review writing.
  7. As this is a serious topic, you must also lean upon some form of logos at some point in your argument.
  8. Your topic will have controversy so be aggressive in your counter-arguments.

Model Student example- Matt 

As this was your portfolio using this technology like this, I need as much constructive feedback as possible.  Honest reflections about the process and the technology will promise to give more fluid shape to future projects.  Please don't be brief.

Requirements for the Reflections Page:  

  • Why did you choose this topic as the subject of your editorial?  What prior context do you have with this topic?
  • What did you learn about your understanding of rhetoric as you studied this writer?  Describe the “A Ha!” moment when you were able to crack their style.  Remember to be specific here.
  • Describe the writing process of your editorial.  Was it easier because you had this writer as a style mentor or did it pose struggles to your own writing (too restrictive...)?
  • What was the advantage to using this technology for this project?  Did I need to offer more more technical assistance or other forms of modeling for it?

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