Thursday, November 6, 2014

Analyze this! College Commercials....

For the weekend:

  1. Choose one of the following college commercials to analyze:  Wittenberg-Michigan, Alabama, Oregon, or Texas.
  2. Prompt:  In order to recruit top tier academic talent, universities must pull out all the stops to grab the attention of a very thin pool of candidates and their parents.  Choose one of the following commercials and analyze the various rhetorical techniques used to persuade a prospective student to apply to their university.
  3. Write introduction- a)  Establish the wants/ needs of an incoming freshman b)  Establish the exigence of the university- what is their intent?  c) preview the strategies that will directly appeal to this audience.
  4. 2 paragraphs of rhetorical analysis.  Be very specific about visuals (exactly who is represented and why this matters) and voice over.  "The effect of this..., The intent is to..., This resonates with students because..."

And this is just for fun---

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