Sunday, November 30, 2014

Persuasion...Hollywood Style

Here we go again...this time you can team up with a partner (as in one other carbon based life form) to break down some rhetoric from a famous film.  Get started by clicking on American Rhetoric Movie Speeches.  This is a first come/ first serve list for films so there can not be any redundancy in our presentations.  The list begins now...tell me your selection before you get too far into the analysis.  You may not use any war speeches...We will cover that in January.  Break it down for us.  Create a brief Google Slide Show that covers the following rhetorical elements.
  1. Slide 1-Explain what we know about the speaker and their motive(s).  What do they want from the audience?
  2. Slide 2-Who is the audience?  What do they value?  Why might they be reluctant to move upon request of speaker?  or why might they be excited or intrigued?  
  3. Slide 3-Explicitly lay out the strategy of the speaker.  What must they do to "unlock" the audience?  Establish at least three unique strategies at play in this speech.
  4. Slide 4 +  What are the rhetorical devices in the speech?  How did this device amplify the strategy?
  5. Slide- 6?  One perfect paragraph to model how you would write this in the rhetorical analysis essay.
  6. Save the presentation in Classroom in the form shared with you.
  7. Don't worry about the sample being too short.  You are just walking us through an analysis at the start of the period.  This will sharpen the blade of analysis.
1. Read Winter Dreams by Wednesday-  Do not be brief in your written discussion of these prompts.  You have several days to read process and I expect depth in your responses.
Prompts for reading journal:

A.  What impact does the setting (time, location, season) have on the story?  
Areas to possibly explore include characterization, plot, theme, or conflict.  Be sure to use plenty of textual evidence and specifics.

B.  Describe Fitzgerald's characterization in Winter Dreams: (Dexter, Judy Jones and Devlin)   What motivates and preoccupies them? 

C..  Offer two claims about HOW Fitzgerald writes (beyond simple plot or character patterns).  Suggested topics: syntax, imagery, description / details, symbolism, structure / chronology, diction (careful!!). Use evidence from the story as support for your claims.

Some thoughts on your reading journal responses-

 As a rule of thumb, write until you have fully explored and answered each prompt.  Some prompts may elicit four-five sentences, while some may elicit a page or more.  It will not be uncommon for you to write 2-3 pages in an evening’s journal.  Come to class with your reading done, your entries completed, and ideas to present to your classmates.  As an AP student it is a given that you will read your assignments and complete your work on time; you are then expected to participate and share their ideas and analysis during class.

2.  Get a copy of The Great Gatsby by Thursday.
     A) Purchase at school bookstore ($15- preferred)
     B) If you know someone with a copy-borrow it.
     C)  BYOD- Here is a copy of it.  Not ideal for annotation purposes and your retinas if on phone.
     D)  If A-C are not possible...see me.

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