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Transformer Reviews- Sarcasm Code

1st Practice AP MC- Click here

Franco Winners
2nd Period-
He was nervous. What do you say in a situation like this? Maybe he'll break the ice with a joke... Yes, girls always go for the comedian, right? Leaning against the wall, he suddenly forgot that all he could see was his own reflection. It was like he could see her, there, just on the other side. He could see her leaning towards the glass, and he just went for it. His lips met the cool, smooth glass and he hoped hers did the same. He wished he could do it again, somehow widen the crack, lessen the distance that kept them separated, but he knew in his heart it could never be.
                                                                                                -Kendra W

3rd Period-
Causally conversing and flirtatiously giggling, James becomes more enthralled by his reflection by the second. Completely enchanted by the gorgeous man in the mirror, he slowly, cautiously leans in for a peck on the lips behind glass, leaving the mirror clouded and steamy. Now, with more confidence, James strikes up another conversion with himself, ending with a deeper, more passionate kiss than before. 
                                                                                               -Jeana B
Fantasizing of a luxurious dream an individual man, eye seeking with compassion. Mirrors his irresistible charm of satisfaction foretelling his romantic display, sealing his heart with the kiss of a twin.

                                                                                               -Kyle A

Vampire Academy Review-
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Period 3 Voting
Period 7/8 Voting


Read the Ebert review & the Tribune review of the Transformers.  We are on the hunt for sarcasm and to be able to crack the code.  To do this I need you to trap the following:

  • Identify 2-3 sarcastic expressions per review (to include A.O Scott review- 6 minimum).
  • Write out the full sarcasm.  Sometimes this builds over several sentences so be patient in revealing its development.  If you want to copy and paste from Google Doc, go ahead.
  • Here is the tough part- Sarcasm is not easy to pull off in writing so we have to be very careful how we use it or we lose our reader to mixed message.  What is the code to writing sarcasm?  To answer this you need to unpack any patterns of syntax and tone from the sample you just created.  
Task:  Write a paragraph(s) that explains the rules of writing effective sarcasm.  Use your samples to illustrate the rules.

In order to write effective sarcasm, the writer must first...

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