Thursday, October 30, 2014

AP Editorial Project 2014

Writer Apprenticeship Final IRP #1 for 1st Semester

“Good writing isn’t a science. It’s an art, and the horizon is infinite. You can always get better.” -David Foster Wallace

Task:  Inspired by DFW's words on writing, we will continue our study of the craft. Our next project will involve you following a columnist from a major newspaper/ publication over the next few weeks.  The purpose of this project is for you to learn at the feet of a contemporary master of argumentative prose.  You will collect a minimum of five current columns and analyze the patterns of persuasion and style of this writer.  The editorial you select should not exceed 700 words, regular length of an editorial.  Using Google Sites and the template I provided, you will post the article and your annotations in your editorial analysis site.  Too easy!  

Areas of annotation for each column:
  • Speaker’s tone and possible tone shifts
  • Rhetorical strategies
  • Organization and arrangement
  • Methods of appeals
  • Intended audience reactions- laughter, anger, confusion

Questions to guide your observations for analysis:

  1. How does the title inform the piece?
  2.  What is the thesis and where is it?
  3. What introductory technique(s) did the author use?  Is the technique weaved through the essay?  How?
  4. Our texts have reflected some of the purposes of argument.  Using the language of your text, identify the purpose (s) of this argument.
  5. What appears to be the balance of ethos, pathos, or logos in this editorial?
  6. Comment on the method of conclusion.  What can you learn from this method of closing?
  7. What appeals are in the argument?
  8. After studying this piece, what, if anything, would you like to emulate as a writer?

Look no farther than New York Times Opinion pages or the syndicated columnists from Yahoo News Opinion for your selection of writer.

Remember that the "I" in IRP stands for Independent. Outside of today there will be limited time to work on this project. This means that there is a level of trust and academic maturity required to meet the demands. If you wait until the last few days to complete the analysis of the writer, the project will suffer as your analysis will be weak as will your Apprentice essay. On the flip side, keeping a disciplined regiment of analysis of a new editorial piece every 3-4 days will pay off as you will be less stressed and will allow for a proper reflection on the technique of your writer. This reflection will make the drafting of the Apprentice essay smooth.
Model Editorial Project and Apprentice Essay from Matt Wenz

Due date- November 21 (Project Free over break) or December 1.
Expect one drop in where I verify that you are keeping up with the intent of this project.  

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