Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tech Tuesday!

Get Google Keep to help trap your ideas and overall organization.

I know many of you are busy so you might want to check out this new app Timeful.  I added it to my iPhone and iPad and it is keeping me on task so far as I get pulled in several different directions once I have a moment of free time.  The web version is forthcoming...

Twitch cause a major shift in media?

For Wednesday:
1) Clip 5 examples of "Click Bait" into the shared Google Slide posted in Classroom.  Be sure to sign your name to the slide so we can ask questions tomorrow.
For Thursday:

This needs to be read not once, twice, but three times.  Your answers will reflect the depth of understanding that can only come from multiple readings and reflection of its ideas.  Remember that this is Advanced Placement and your answers must be thorough and draw evidence from the text.  Please complete by Thursday.
Good Readers and Good Writers

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