Wednesday, August 26, 2015


If you are not following Brain Pickings on Twitter or are a regular visitor to the webpage, make it a habit.  No greater resource brings you closer to great minds of life, art, and philosophy.  Thoughts from this source will help build your repertoire of observations of the human condition.  This is essential to be be deeper thinker and better writer.
So lets start with this prompt inspired by a recent Brain Pickings post:
“Our lived lives might become a protracted mourning for, or an endless tantrum about, the lives we were unable to live. But the exemptions we suffer, whether forced or chosen, make us who we are.”
                                                                                         Adam Phillips 

Consider this quotation about adversity from the psychologist Adam Phillips. Then write an essay that defends, challenges, or qualifies Phillips' assertion about the role of reflection and regret plays in developing a person’s character. Support your argument with appropriate evidence from your reading, observation, or experience.

For Thursday:

  1. Create a detailed outline that attempts to defend, challenge, or qualify this quote from Phillips.  
  2. Remember to think of categories of evidence as we listed on the board Tuesday: psychology, history, anecdote, science, literature, etc...
  3. Weave ITW into this response.
  4. If you are stuck, read the Brain Pickings post, watch the Watts clip, or talk.

Another great Watts clip here

Listen to this podcast about a crazy survival story.

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