Monday, August 24, 2015

Preview-of AP Test

Follow along...
Let's first look at the 2009 test.  We will focus upon the Horace prompt for structural and content ideas.  Before you attempt your first Q3, let's look at how the responses are scored.

For Tuesday:
  1. Read the Horace prompt from 2009.  Consider what you might draw upon as evidence to help respond to this question.
  2. Create an outline for this prompt.  Be very thorough with your examples.  Remember that you can pull from literature, history, psychology, sociology, sports, and anecdotes.  Remember there should be a thread connecting all of the evidence back to the prompt.
          I) Introduction- Consider some craft here.  What would demonstrate some attempt to capture reader attention/ demonstrate your command of language?
                                                                For Wednesday:

  1. Review elements of what made the 9.  
  2. Write a support paragraph using the evidence you feel most confident in response to Horace's prompt.  Mimic the successful syntax from the 9.  * it or underline it.

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