Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rhetorical Analysis of 2012 RNC and DNC Keynotes

Homework:  Don't forget to complete the Speak the Language Press Release.  See the sub if you were not here Friday and have a classmate explain our analysis of the Monster ThickBurger as our reference point.
Wordle of Christie 2012 RNC Keynote
Analysis experiment-
Let's see how well you can tackle a politician's rhetoric in real-time.   Now decide which speech you will watch/ listen (Castro or Christie) on the Chromebook.  As you listen to the speech, you will place comments on the speech that unpack the various rhetorical strategies at play.  This means both of you have the same document open and comment on it.  You can stop the audio/video at any point if you need to catch your thoughts.
For example: "Speaker X attacks the economic policy of Candidate Y because ...." or "A weakness of Candidate X is....this is why it is targeted."

Focus all of your commentary energy on what emotions/ideas that the speaker is attempting to evoke or plant in the minds of the audience.

  Aim for a minimum of 20 comments in your doc.

Transcripts of Speeches for Analysis are already available to you in Classroom.

Audio/Video of Castro via NPR or video via NYT
Audio/Video of Christie via NPR or video via NYT
Wordle of Castro 2012 DNC Keynote

This is for GLOBAL STUDIES>>>NOT AP>>> For Global Studies  Video

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