Friday, September 12, 2014

Weekend - Writing craft of Krakauer/ Argue

Part I:

From ITW, I want you to pull a few sentences from the book so we can begin to examine the style of Krakauer. Label as Most Profound/ Most Creative/ Most Complex and use the proper citation ("words."(127) )  Please write out the entire sentence.  Provide a brief commentary as to why you picked this passage.

Most profound—A sentence that strikes you as wise, inspiring, or timeless. These are the types of sentences that stick with you and are often quoted long after you’ve finished reading.

Most creative—A sentence that wows you with its cleverness with words and phrases, the magic of its descriptions, the vividness of its imagery, or the fact that you’d never read a sentence quite like that before.

Most complex—The sentence that expresses a whole heck of a lot between the capital letter and the period; the type of sentence that uses lots of fancy punctuation tools (semi-colons, dashes, parentheses) and makes you scratch you sentence to decode its meaning.

Part II:

We need to practice our concision in argument so let's respond to a softball prompt.  Briefly explain your position and attempt to integrate a new sentence structure in your explanation.  
Choose one of the following prompts:  

A)  Is the United States strategy to confront ISIS appropriate?

B)  Has the NFL lost credibility to its fans in its handling of the Ray Rice domestic abuse incident?

C)  Your choice of topic (Apple iPhone 6, school parking, etc.)

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