Thursday, September 4, 2014

Save the more video games?

Ok...the winner is...

2nd- Mouth agape, the woman stared in horror as the dark malicious creature inched towards her. Clutching her head in sheer terror, the one could only hope that the dark specter was just another figment of her deluded mind. As the creature dragged her down into the abyss, she grabbed the wall in what would be her last attempt at seizing reality before the shadows of her mind drove her insane. Rahul P

Glazed over eyes, her mouth slightly open and her breath short, she gazes into the camera with pure horror. She melts down into the pavement with pain, her knees too weak to support the mental baggage she carries. With one last attempt she grasps for the wall with her fragile hand, but as if the wall pushes back, she crumbles back to the ground in sorrow. -Victoria S

Her quivering face and trembling eyes looking for a quick escape yet failing. Spastically falling to the floor she sends her hand up for a last chance of survival but fails. Once down with certainty her hand inches hopelessly for what is impossible.- Amanda D


Each heavy exhale of air was the rush of panic, clawing the cold, shadowy, dark cement hoping it would all end soon. Each moment ahead was perceived with wide eyes, and the creeping possibility of death.-Belle P

Helplessly melting into the corner of the darkness. Her brain aimed at discontinuing her every thought only to take over the emotions and transform them. Fearing something so intense that her last move is to slowly faint down towards the ground with one arm hopelessly reaching out to the wall to give one last chance to overcome the fear but failing.  -Marcus M

HW pass on Monday.  

Let's describe this cooky vignette from the 14 Actors Acting.  Let's practice the participial phrase again this week.

Remember to be logged in with your google student account before you submit if you are doing this from home.  Using Chrome will make it easier.


Write a rhetorical analysis of two techniques Jane McGonigal uses during her Ted talk.  I want you to move away from blanket statements of rhetoric like, "McGonigal delivers plenty of logos to persuade her audience."  It is more concise to use expressions similar to the following:

  • For ethos= McGonigal established her authority by repeatedly...
  • For pathos= McGonigal appealed to the audience's sense of...
  • For logos= such data reinforces the belief that...
Handy outline for writing RA-
A) Establish audience
B) Explain what speaker/writer must do to reach audience
C)Reveal evidence
D) Discuss the intended/likely effect of technique

Minimum two paragraphs
Direct evidence- Transcript here
Must connect efficacy of evidence to intended effect on this audience.
Link to class notes.

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