Monday, October 22, 2012

IRP Portfolio Tutorial and Mackie Voting + Franco

Vote      Anthony Mackie 1   Anthony Mackie 5/6    Anthony Mackie 7/8
Actor #2- James Franco
This week's syntax move one more time: participial phrase:

  1. Pursing his lips, he struggled not to call out his professor's obvious error.
  2. A lazy student, always looking for a corner to cut with his assignments, ironically, may do more work to get out of doing work.

Remember to flex with strong verbs!
Period 1  Period 5/6  Period 7/8
This week's cool reads:

Excellent syntax:
[O]verflowing dumpsters; unpaved streets lined with garbage; smoldering trash fires; little rows of shanties tucked into corners of the neighborhood for the local servant class, the kind of miserable hovels that stretch for miles in places like Mumbai; and a small, polluted lake that no one in their right mind would have swum in. We never drank from the tap, of course; even certain kinds of produce were said to be unsafe. The phone was temperamental, too, and so was the television cable.

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