Friday, October 26, 2012

Cool Reads and Cloud Atlas Movie Review

A.O Scott's review-

“Cloud Atlas” is a movie about migratory souls and wayward civilizations, loaded with soaring themes and flights of feeling, as vaporous and comprehensive as its title. Big ideas, or at least earnest intellectual conceits, crowd the screen along with suave digital effects and gaudy costumes. Free will battles determinism. Solidarity faces off against domination. Belief in a benevolent cosmic order contends with fidelity to the cruel Darwinian maxim that “the weak are meat the strong do eat.”

The Hunt For “Geronimo”- From the Author of Black Hawk Down- Behind the scenes of of the Bin Laden raid.

Where Servers Meet Saunas: A Visit to Google’s Finland Data Center

At Faviken, a tiny restaurant in remote northern Sweden, the 28-year-old chef Magnus Nilsson contrasts the sweet simplicity of foraged and farm-fresh ingredients with a kind of Viking bloodlust. He’ll serve a thrush with its decapitated head, or fire-roast a black grouse in hay, or slaughter a geriatric dairy cow and then dry-age it for nine months until, he writes, “the pure flavor of meat becomes secondary to the aromas of controlled decay . . . rather like a cheese.”

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