Thursday, October 18, 2012

Annotation for Huck

  • Key rhetorical devices which add meaning or depth (tone, structure, pacing, diction, jargon, credibility, etc.)
  • Modes of writing / genres which you can identify (humor, satire, Shakespearean drama, parody, Romanticism)
  • Highlight or circle any words you don’t know, or any allusions to other literary works, places, or things and jot down their meaning or reference in the margin.
  • Draw a question mark next to any section you would like to discuss, are unsure of, or think would be excellent to bring up in class discussion.
  • Draw a star or exclamation point next to the most essential passages or events in the book.
  • Make notes in the margin on any patterns you see or any other personal reactions that you may have to the reading.
Snuff said

A book list from one of my favorite science writers- Maggie Koerth-Baker

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