Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday is for Writers 8-27

From a post at The Dish- "The last lines of John Rawls’ A Theory of Justice
“The perspective of eternity is not a perspective from a certain place beyond the world, nor the point of view of a transcendent being; rather it is a certain form of thought and feeling that rational persons can adopt within the world. And having done so, they can, whatever their generation, bring together into one scheme all individual perspectives and arrive together at regulative principles that can be affirmed by everyone as he lives by them, each from his own standpoint. Purity of heart, if one could attain it, would be to see clearly and to act with grace and self-command from this point of view.”
I.Describe a strategy Kralovec uses to move audience closer to agreeing with this controversial thesis.  Discuss what you know of the audience and then what technique implemented to unlock the reader. (Target- 1-2 paragraphs with textual support.

II. Copy 10-15 examples of “click bait” from web pages.  
“You won’t believe what happens ne..”

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