Thursday, August 28, 2014

Chrome Apps for your convenience

Speaking of Click Bait and Facebook

Google Classroom-
Evernote Web Clipper-
Tweetdeck (beware!)

We might experiment with these apps too:

Pre-Fergie BEP jam

Remember to read and answer with thoughtful reflection Good Readers and Good Writers

AP Grammies

 I may not give extra-credit but I do grant the wish of extra time.  Late Pass!  On way to grab it is through our weekly participation/ grammar exercise.  You will watch one vignette and write a brief description (1 to 4 sentences) that captures the tone.  The catch is that you must blend in at least one form of selected sentence structure while reflected pitch perfect connotation of the tone of the film.  How do you win?  You vote of course...After I tally all all the entries, I post them so you can review them and vote for the best one.  Let's be write, vote and gobble up class participation credit while honing your syntax. 
This week's syntax move: participial phrase
  1. Pursing his lips, he struggled not to call out his professor's obvious error.
  2. A lazy student, always looking for a corner to cut with his assignments, ironically, may do more work to get out of doing work. 

Remember to flex with strong verbs!

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