Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuesdays with TED- Begin rhetorical analysis

So what do we know about this audience at TED?

So Professor McGonigal needs to reach this audience using a unique set of appeals.
Let's find them!


Write a rhetorical analysis of two techniques Jane McGonigal uses during her Ted talk.  I want you to move away from blanket statements of rhetoric like, "McGonigal delivers plenty of logos to persuade her audience."  It is more concise to use expressions similar to the following:

  • For ethos= McGonigal established her authority by repeatedly...
  • For pathos= McGonigal appealed to the audience's sense of...
  • For logos= such data reinforces the belief that...
Handy outline for writing RA-
A) Establish audience
B) Explain what speaker/writer must do to reach audience
C)Reveal evidence
D) Discuss the intended/likely effect of technique

Minimum two paragraphs
Direct evidence- Transcript here
Must connect efficacy of evidence to intended effect on this audience.
Link to class notes.
Here is a link to her games

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