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Holiday Gatsby Doins

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Over break you will finish the book.  On the Tuesday/Wednesday of our first week back, we will have our first Socratic seminar.  Each prompt will be defended via textual evidence.  In preparation for the discussion, you will prepare remarks on the following topics:

I)  A) Gatsby*
1. Which of the following would you argue best represents Gatsby:
A) Classic Romantic
B) Gangster-”lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas…”
C) Comic Character
D) Narcissist
E) Hero of the middle class
F) Other?
- It is essential to define these labels prior to making your comparison.
2.  Or which from the list above would argue against the most?

- To what extent did Nick succeed convincing you that he was “one of the few honest people I have ever known.”(59)?  
- Is Daisy a character worthy of our sympathy (before/after Myrtle’s death)?
5. Which characters have the most elaborate foil (Use Venn handout to help trace thoughts)  ?  Nick vs. Gatsby, Myrtle vs. Daisy, Tom vs. Gatsby, Tom vs. Wilson.

II)    Theme
1. What were this novel’s final statements on the following themes?*
Wealth vs. Poverty-
American Dream-
Illusions vs Reality-

2.  Cover Interpretation- Gatsby Cover Art- break down a cover as it relates to the novel’s themes.  
Cool Prezi on our cover

3. One of the best accents to the film is the clever soundtrack.  How do any of the following songs amplify a particular scene or include your own addition to the soundtrack and explain.
    No Church in the Wild
     Love is Blindness- Jack White (cover of U2)
    Crazy in Love-
    Young and Beautiful

  My choice--for now...
  I Can't Make You Love Me- Bon Iver cover of Bonnie Raitt

III) Author Style-
1.How did the structure of the novel (in particular 1st person narrator) filter reality presented to reader?
2.Among the various literary techniques layered within this novel, which emerged as the most unique to Fitzgerald's style?
3.  The Great Gatsby Vs. Winter Dreams  What are the most stark patterns in terms of theme and style as you compare these texts?

Discussion Rubric and Transitions

*Idea lifted shamelessly from the talented Miss Cordes

Great lectures to inform you more *wink*- This is what AP level students do...

Listen to The Big Read- Great Gatsby

Psychoanalysis of Gatsby(review)

and part 2 if you are interested or even

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