Monday, April 7, 2014

Gatsby Blowout!- "Socratic Seminar"*

Image Credit: Mike Arnold via The Fox is Black

Here are the questions:

I)  A) Gatsby*
1. Which of the following would you argue best represents Gatsby:
A) Classic Romantic
B) Gangster-”lie down with dogs, you come up with fleas…”
C) Comic Character
D) Narcissist
E) Hero of the middle class
F) Other?
- It is essential to define these labels prior to making your comparison.
2.  Or which from the list above would argue against the most?

- To what extent did Nick succeed convincing you that he was “one of the few honest people I have ever known.”(59)?  
- Is Daisy a character worthy of our sympathy (before/after Myrtle’s death)?
5. Which characters have the most elaborate foil (Use Venn handout to help trace thoughts)  ?  Nick vs. Gatsby, Myrtle vs. Daisy, Tom vs. Gatsby.

II)    Theme
1. What were this novel’s final statements on the following themes?*
Wealth vs. Poverty-

2.  Cover Interpretation- Gatsby Cover Art- break down a cover as it relates to the novel’s themes.  

III) Author Style-
1.How did Fitzgerald position the setting of East/West Egg, Manhattan and “valley of ashes” to amplify various themes?
2.Among the various literary techniques layered within this novel, which emerged as the most unique to Fitzgerald's style?
3.  The Great Gatsby Vs. Winter Dreams vs. Absolution*  What are the most stark patterns in terms of theme and style as you compare these three texts?

Discussion Rubric and Transitions
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Period Two Sign Up
Period Nine Sign Up
*Idea lifted shamelessly from the talented Miss Cordes

and part 2 if you are interested.

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