Friday, January 24, 2014

Review Writing- Mentor Critiques

Let's look at some sharp recent reviews from Grantland:

By now you know what medium you will review so today you will spend your time finding yourself a mentor review-particularly in the opening hook-

I have linked for you several quality professional reviewers below.  So what is your medium of choice for a review?  musicfilmtelevisionfoodvideo gamesbooks, theater, etc.

Here are some of my favorite reviewers of Film/TV
A.O. Scott       Manohla Dargis       Peter Travers  (Rolling Stone)

Roger Ebert- Suntimes          AV Club           TV             TV-Andy Greenwald ( Grantland)

 MusicRolling Stone (Brief)               Paste               Pitchfork             AV Club                              Steven Hyden (Grantland)

Technology- Recode   Wired

For Monday:  Print out or have saved in Google Folder:
I. Mentor Intro (Copy &Paste)  Author- Review of...- Publication
II.  Answer:  What are you going to review?  Why?  Prove your ethos in this medium?
III.  Watch, listen, or engage that topic of review over and over again.  Think about new ways to approach it and have a notebook standing by to catch your ideas.
III.  Preliminary outline- to include preliminary opening idea (Wells), articulated support paragraph ideas

For example:
                       III.  Actors
                                         = Terrible

                       III. Actors confirming every tired cliche of action films
                             A) Actor X- Reluctant hero-Love turns his heart for good
                                  1) Sample of cheesy dialogue
                                     a) "Cassandra I never knew what love was until I looked into your beautiful blue eyes..."
                                     i) Insert sarcasm
This outline reflects sharper observation and an obvious strategy to organize the critique.

Extended Review

For the bragging rights and homework pass...Make a Pulp-o- Mizer for this class.  Save the image and send it to me.  If it is the best, I'll buy it for class!

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