Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cool Reads of the Week-9/15

Can metal make you mellow?
How did Chris McCandless die?
Prep School Gangsters
Illustrated guide to Logical Fallacies
I may teach this class grammar through the brilliant food reviews of Pete Wells:
Someone who used to prowl around CBGB and other clubs when punk and new wave were breaking their first guitar strings told me he had seen one particularly untutored band at least 30 times.
“Really?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “The first 15 times, they were just awful.”
I didn’t need to ask why he had stuck it out because the band was Television, and they went on to harness their early chaos into two obliquely beautiful records.
Some restaurants are like that. Even if they don’t have the mechanics down yet, their glimmers of originality can keep drawing you back.
None of my five meals at the Pines since its opening late last summer in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn has been in the “just awful” category, but two were so frustrating I swore I’d never return. The opening line of my notes on one dinner reads, “I am done with giving this place a chance.”
Three months later, I was back. That night, the Pines and its chef, Angelo Romano, were in control of their chords and the tempo from start to finish.

Adverbial C

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