Thursday, May 17, 2012

Film Study Day 1 and set up

Important Film Glossary from AMC
Research the film, actressess, actors, director and key grip @ IMDB
Excellent Anatomy of the best scenes of 2010 from

Your scene selection must feature:
  • sophisticated camera work (angles and motion)
  • purposeful editing
  • reflect layers of plot through symbolism, characterization, imagery,etc.
Limits: 3-5 Clip from film
One HP per class...
Seek Greenlight from me before you head into your presentation.

Content of the presentation to follow

I:  Back Story of Film
  1. Define the genre of this film.  What will we look for in this scene that reflects these aspects? 
  2. What is the defining style of this director?  What do you know of previous work?
  3. Are there any archetypes at play in this scene?
  4. What should we be looking for in this scene?
II.  Scene Analyisis

Just as we analyze passages for rhetorical analysis, you will break down this scene to discuss its effect on audience and its contribution to moving forward the plot.  So pick apart all elements of a scene:

                       Music Setting       Camera Angles         Wardrobe           Dialogue   
                       Blocking (the positioning and movement of actors)      Subtext

Once you breakdown the elements that create the scene, explain how this contributes to characterization, plot complication (Chekov's Guns), symbolism, etc.  You do not need to address all the features listed above; however, a thoughtful connection of how these elements function to communicate to the audience in both explicit and implicit ways. 

Presentations begin on Tuesday! 

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