Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Author Interviews/ experts from C-span Book TV

This is the best I could do with a few extra minutes...Sorry Anne Tyler platoon(Try NPR for their book reviews?) ...no dice but for the rest of you here is a nice video about your author.  Thank me later.
For Sarah -and this
For Rucha-
For Cat and 1
For Amarin, Lindsay, & Carley
For Nicole F
For Jessie/ Aubrey and Abby
For Matt W, Mei Li, Krtisyn, Diana
For Arielle
For Sam, Taylor, and Jack
For Ashley, Niloce V.
For Emily
For Sharon and Liz
For Davis and Mitch and one more
For Megan Malone
For Megan Matson
For Vishal and Aubrey
For Liz R
For Guiliana
For Gianna
For Rutvi
For Jake and Miriam and 1
For Brian B (good stuff...just keep going through the pages)
For Molly
For Kelsey
For Laura P?
For Ben
For Paulina and the search

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