Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2011 AP Grammies Awards - Focus on Tone

Phase 3 of our vocabulary begins today and it will require some creative writing; however,  glory and some sweet reward awaits.  You will screen each of these short vignettes and find the various synonyms of the tone on display.  From this muse, you will write a brief yet creative narrative description of the tone for seven of these scenes.  The writing should be reflective of your understanding of the connotations of the tone and growing confidence in sentence sophistication.
Rage- (n) acrimony, bluster, choler, hemorrhage, eruption,

Sample:  His arrogance, an embedded deformity, sparked this phillipic.  This was his last lie he would tell.  Her snapped heart now hemorrahages a bile of hate congealed in his false accusations.

Considering the following:

  • Strong verb choice
  • Show mix of simple, complex, compound, compound-complex sentences
  • Drop in sentence spice where appropriate
  • Range of tonal adjectives to emotions on display
  • noun + participle descriptors
  • Use of allusions where appropriate
  • Use a thesaurus to kickstart noun and verb choice to capture tone
Don't jam all of these ideas into the description.  Sometimes less can be more. 
 Watch again

#1-Javier Barbem          #8 Jennifer Lawrence
#2 James Franco           #9  Noomi Rapace
#3 Natalie Portman       #10  Vincent Cassel
#4 Jesse Eisenberg        #11  Anthony Mackie
#5 Chloe Moretz           #12  Robert Duvall
#6 Matt Damon             #13  Lesley Manville
#7 Michael Douglas      #14  Tilda Swinton

 Submission:  Over break you can watch these again to discover more nuance than what you initially observed in class.  When you are ready to submit, click on your class period below.  Complete the submission form, copy and paste your description. I will format the submissions and we will vote for the best writers.  Finish before we get back from Break.  Good luck.

Period 2                  Period 5/6              Period 7/8

2 5/6 7/8

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